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Promote educational programs and products as an affiliate for consistent, passive income.
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Egoleye Infopreneurs highlights the best programs for you to promote


Overnight Success is a Lie

If You’re Serious about Changing Your Mindset, You Can Launch a Profitable Online Business!

Learn the exact steps to generate online income and create a life and business that you truly LOVE!

Sell Products Online

Follow our simple step by step process to find in-demand products to sell online (physical and digital)

Two Business Models

Discover two simple business models you can start with immediately and scale to six figures and beyond!

High Ticket Commissions

Watch as we show you how to earn high-ticket commissions that pay hundreds (even thousands) per sale!

Are You Letting Your Employer or Circumstances Determine Your Future?

Tap into first-rate resources and a worldwide community that you can start using today to clarify your vision, formulate your purpose … AND TURN YOUR UNIQUE TALENTS INTO MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!

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David Oancea

David Oancea

Egoleye Infopreneurs

  • OUR VALUES: live with integrity and an attitude of servant leadership to balance the four quadrants of life: health, wealth, self and social relationships.
  • OUR MISSION: help you to overcome your fears, make a committed decision to start today…invest in yourself…and do whatever it takes!
  • OUR VISION: uncover and promote the highest-value educational programs and tools that will equip you in your quest to create the life you desire and deserve.
  • OUR GOAL: awaken the superpowers within you, so you may attract and achieve a more abundant life on all levels.

Internet marketing is one of the most powerful engines you can employ to propel you forward. Until I encountered this system and awesome community of mentors, I felt like I was stuck in my career, my relationships, my earning potential, and my retirement plan. If you’re at that place in your life, do yourself a favor — dedicate a few minutes today to learn more and invest in yourself for a change. Meet my mentors and then decide if this is a fit for you.

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